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From the desk of:
Brent Finlay   CPA,CMA MBA
Business Financing Specialist

If you’re a business owner or manager of a Canadian small or medium sized business (SME) that's finding challenges, or is having an out right struggle, locating an acceptable financing solution then you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Most equipment financing requests are, for the most part, straightforward and can be secured quickly through both automated and semi automated application processes provided by numerous financing companies.

But when that doesn't happen, greater knowledge and expertise is required to locate and secure available equipment financing options.

This is where I come in.

Give me a call today at 289 816 0075 and speak directly with an equipment financing specialist with over 20 years of experience.  I'll go over your situation with you on the phone and immediately discuss any available financing options.  If I can't help, I'll tell you right away so we're both not wasting time sending documents back and forth that aren't going to solve your problem.

Here is some of the more common equipment categories we arrange financing for ….

Equipment Financing Categories
Equipment Financing Categories
Equipment Financing Categories






Golf & Turf




The equipment financing market for equipment leases and loans can be a bit hard to navigate, especially if you’re new to the whole financing process or have a more challenging financing scenario.

What’s where we come in.  Me and my team specializes in providing customized equipment financing solutions for our customers.

So regardless of your financing requirements, we welcome the opportunity to work with you to find financing options that meet your requirements

Benefits of Taking Advantage of This Type of Expertise Include:

  • Locating equipment finance programs for virtually any type of new or used equipment.
  • Direct access to a large group of lenders and leasing companies, including several sources that only provide their products and service through brokers and financing consultants.
  • An initial free assessment process that quickly provides you with available lease and loan financing options that are relevant to your particular situation.
  • Expert advice and assistance in creating application packages that are more likely to get superior results.
  • Credit Inquiry Protection.  This is an essential service for maintaining your credit score and avoiding unnecessary declines caused by excessive credit inquiries.
  • Ongoing support for any financing programs we help you secure.
  • Key insider information into how to approach the market at any given time, who to avoid, and what you should be looking for when considering certain offers.

Some Additional Things to Consider:

  • Flexible options. We can recommend more flexible financing options that can be customized to your specific needs.
  • Competitive rates. Because we deal with a large assortment of lenders and leasing companies, the rates are very competitive.
  • Fast Approvals. Most approvals are received within 24 hours and in as little as 2 hours for more straight forward applications.
  • AAA to C credit ratings will be considered.
  • Flexible payments and buyout terms are also available to you.

Equipment financing rates are always subject to change, especially in the current economy.  There is no guarantee that rates advertised by any on lender will exist for any length of time or that the related terms and conditions will even be acceptable to you.

Like all forms of business financing, equipment finance is a moving target that can be extremely difficult to follow, especially if you’re trying to secure capital all on your own.

But not to worry.

It’s my role to help you successfully navigate the market through all our well established lender and lease company relationships that collectively cover off all areas of the market.

And because I operate as an independent equipment financing specialist, there is no bias with respect to the financing options me and my team may recommend to you.

Our one and only objective is to assess your situation, recommend the best available options, get the deal closed, and provide ongoing customer support.

My Process Is Quite Simple, and Works Like This…

  1. You either pick up the phone and call me, or send me an initial email outlining what you’re looking for.  Either way, the sooner we can have a direct conversation by phone or in person, the faster the process will go.
  2. If I don’t answer, please leave a message and I’ll personally get back to you asap.
  3. During our initial discussion, I will quickly go over your situation together and I’ll give you some immediate feedback as to the types of equipment financing strategies that are available to you.
  4. If any of the suggested approaches fit your needs, we will then quickly work with you to complete your application package.  This step may be completed in as little as two hours for very straight forward situations and up to 72 hours for more complex scenarios.
  5. Once completed, your application is immediately sent into Credit.  The Credit assessment process is typically completed in less than 24 hours.
  6. As soon as your application is approved, we’ll be back to you right away with the details of your equipment financing approval.  If you were not approved, then we’ll review other financing options that may be available.
  7. After you have reviewed the approval, if everything is in order, we’ll get the lease documents prepared.
  8. Once you’ve satisfied all the conditions of the approval and signed the lease documents , the process is on the home stretch with only the funding process remaining.

That’s it.  Your equipment financing has now been secured.  Congratulations.

Your Best First Step is to Just Pick up the Phone and 
Give Me a Call 
at ... 

289 816 0075

The assessment process is free of charge and obligation and you will quickly know what equipment financing and equipment leasing options are available to you.

Click Here To Speak Directly With  Equipment Financing Specialist Brent Finlay

Canadian equipment financing market provides many options for small and medium sized businesses to consider.  Equipment leasing solutions continue to grow in numbers and provide a real alternative to conventional equipment loans and debt lenders.

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