Automotive Equipment Financing


Does Your Business Need to Finance New or Used Automotive Equipment?

Automotive Equipment Financing and leasing can be secured from a number of different equipment financing and leasing sources across Canada. Collectively, our equipment financing partners cover off all credit profiles and business stages of development.

To provide a better idea of the types of assets that can be financed in this category, here is a list of the more common items that receive financing approvals on a regular basis for Canadian based businesses all across the country.

Tire balancer, waste oil heater, nitrogen tire filling equipment, tire repair machine, wheeler aligner, motorcycle lift, fluid changer, low profile tire changer, scissor alignment lift, mid rise lift, single arm tire changer, garage equipment, pipe bender, parking lift, low rise pad, dual arm tire changer, ac recovery, 4 post lift, alignment lift, waste oil boiler, frame machine, spray washer, battery charger, frame rack, 2 post lift, hobby lift, tire changer, wheel balancer, automotive lift, spray wash cabinet, Brake lathe, tire machine, scissor lift, rack.

Here are some of the more common brand name manufacturer’s approved by leasing companies as well. Gemini, Coats, Rels, RTI, Daytona, Bradbury, All Tool, Accu Turn, Hofmann, Precision, Hydra Lift, Bisherman, Corghi, Associated, Complete Hydraulic, Rotary Hoist, Cemb, Hunter, Kwik Way, FMC, Globe.

Financing options are available for both new and used automotive equipment with similar rates applying to new and used. The major difference that can occur between the two is that used equipment financing can come with a shorter repayment term and financing companies tend to require a larger cash down payment than for new equipment.

Get Equipment Financing That Meets Your Automotive Business Financing Needs

Used Automotive equipment that requires commercial equipment financing can be acquired from either a licensed third party vendor/dealer or a private third party. There is a bit more work to complete the financing process with a private equipment source as background checks have to be done on the equipment to assure no outstanding liens are registered against this. The extra administration though can be well worth it if a good deal is available from a private source.

Whether you’re considering new or used assets where equipment financing is required, we recommend that you give us a call so we can quickly assess your requirements and provide relevant financing options for your consideration.

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