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Backhoe Financing


Need To Finance a New or Used Backhoe Purchase?

You can get the following models and types of new and used backhoes, backhoe tractors, and back hoe related accessories financed by our Canadian and American lenders and leasing company partners:

Backhoe compactor, tractor backhoe, loader backhoe, cat backhoe, backhoe loader, backhoe auger, backhoe blade, backhoe forks, mini backhoe, backhoe hammer, backhoe broom, backhoe accessories, backhoe bucket, back hoe equipment. Backhoe manufacturers and distributor brands that can be financed include Takeuchi, John Deere, Caterpillar, Komatsu, Sky Trak, Terramite, Volvo, Case, New Holland, Yanmar, JCB, Terex, Ford.

Equipment financing programs in the form of a loan or lease is available for both new and used backhoe and backhoe related equipment. Used backhoe’s are actually quite easy to finance due to the relatively long useful life of these types of assets and the strong demand in the market place for used equipment from this category. Rates for used equipment are very similar to new equipment and terms can be longer than what you can expect for most types of used equipment, once again due to the strong resale market and the long useful life.

Before getting into the purchasing process, we recommend that you apply for a pre-approval for commercial financing a new or used backhoe. With a re-approved loan or lease in hand, you’ll know exactly what amount of money you have to work with as well as the related terms and conditions. This will also allow you to bid and offer more aggressively knowing that the funds are readily available to close the deal.

Get Backhoe Equipment Financing That Meets Your Business Needs.

If you’ve got an accepted offer subject to financing, we can get an approval in your hands fast once you’ve provided us with the basic application information.

And even if your business recently purchased a back hoe for cash, we can still finance the asset after the transaction is completed for a period of 6 months via a loan refinance or a sale and lease back transaction where in both cases the cash from the original transaction, or most of it, is given back to you to re-invest in the business.

So regardless of where you’re at in the acquisition process for a backhoe or backhoe related equipment, give us a call and we’ll quickly provide equipment financing options for your consideration.

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