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Box Truck Financing

“Box Truck Financing Available On New And Used Vehicles”

Box Truck financing can be arranged as either a loan or a lease, depending on your requirements and specific financing scenario.

In the box truck equipment financing category, we would include different types of Reefer Trucks, Utility Trucks, Specialty Trucks, Maintenance Trucks, Gas Trucks and other enclosed cargo hauling truck set ups.

This type of transportation equipment financing is available with little to no money down for new or close to new vehicles.

Used assets tend to require more of a down payment, but still can be arranged for solid rates and terms.

For specialty box trucks that don’t have a lot o mileage, we can look at financing assets that are up to ten years old and potentially older, provided that there is sufficient useful life left in the asset to support an equipment financing facility.

Box Truck Equipment Financing Can Be Arranged Quickly

In most cases, a box truck financing application can be approved in 24 to 48 hours.

Longer approval times can be required for larger purchase amounts and older vehicles that require more review of their condition and value.

We will also look at both private and dealer sales, although private sales will take more time to complete due to the need to provide a clear title for security purposes.

Box truck financing terms will range from 36 to 84 months in length with both capital lease and operating lease options available through select leasing companies.

The benefits of leasing can be considerable, especially if you have a fleet of box trucks that you have to have on a replacement schedule.

We also work with a broad cross section of lending and leasing companies, and as a result, we can consider box truck financing arrangements for a wide variety of credit profiles.

If you are in the market for box truck financing and want to better understand your available options, please give us a call and we’ll get all your questions answered and quotes completed right away.

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