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Burlington Equipment Financing

clickhereblue8Do You Need To Finance  Equipment For Your Burlington, Ontario Area Business?

Burlington equipment financing is available from a large number of our bank and lease company financing sources that provide Canadian equipment financing solutions to area businesses

On of the great things about having a business in the Burlington, Ontario area is that many of the major leasing companies in Canada have either a head office or regional office right in your back yard or in the near by surrounding area.  This provides plenty of access to equipment financing of all types and credit profiles.

In addition, we have equipment financing and leasing companies from other areas of the country as well that would consider financing requests from southern Ontario as well.

For us, its all about getting the best deal and the best fit for our customers regardless of where the financing company may be located.

Burlington equipment financing can be sourced for both new and used equipment with procurement coming from both licensed resellers and private resellers.

Equipment financing is available in the form of a bank loan, which is typically available to “A” credit profiles only, or through an equipment leasing program.  One of the benefits of equipment leasing as a whole is that the collective group of leasing companies that provide lease financing in Canada cover a very wide range of credit and financial profiles compared to banks and other institutional lenders.

Get Burlington Equipment Financing That Meets Your Business Needs

There are also different levels of financing available according to how much funding you’re looking for.  Most leasing companies work on a small ticket basis where the financing amount is under $50,000.  As the amounts increase, there are going to be less companies and programs to choose from, but still a significant number of financing choices overall.

Leasing companies will also specialize to some degree according to equipment type and as the amount of financing increases, the more specialized the financing companies tend to become.

In order to focus in on the source of financing that’s the best fit for you and your business, we suggest that you work with an equipment financing specialist such as ourselves so that we can quickly assess your requirements and provide equipment financing options for your consideration.  This has proven over and over again to be a time and money saver for our clients.

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