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Industrial Cleaning Equipment Financing


Do You Need Industrial Cleaning Equipment Financing or Leasing?

Industrial cleaning equipment financing is available for such heavy duty commercial equipment  as vacuums, ride on sweepers, walk behind sweepers, carpet cleaners, and steamers commonly utilized for cleaning commercial establishments that require more durable equipment for heavy use.

This category of equipment tends to have a long useful life and is well suited to commercial equipment financing and leasing programs.  Because of the longevity for productive use, there is also a strong resale market for used industrial equipment where purchases can also be financed through equipment loans and leases.

The major benefit of equipment leasing for cleaning equipment acquisitions is the high potential level of financing, where most approved applications cover 100% of the purchase price of the equipment.  Equipment loans can potentially provide lower cost financing, but there can also be a longer and more involved application process that goes with it.

For either loan or lease, the best approach is to get a preapproval of the amount of equipment financing you’re looking for and the type of asset or assets you wish to acquire.  Once you have a pre-approval in hand, it’s almost as good as cash in that you know how much money you have to work with and that it will be readily available for your use.

Get Equipment Financing That Meets Your Business Needs

This can also help you buy cheaper due to the fact that the financing process will be out of the way, and you will be in a position to bid or place offers more aggressively knowing that the money is available and the deal can get closed right away.

Even if you purchase new or used industrial cleaning equipment for cash, you can still finance the equipment after the fact through an equipment refinancing loan or a leasing company sale and lease back process.  In either case, the benefit to you is the ability to minimize your cash outlay for the equipment and more closely match your payment requirements to the actual depreciation of the equipment, basically paying for what you are using instead of having equity sitting in the equipment and not providing any real value to you.

If you are seeking industrial cleaning equipment financing, I recommend that you give us a call so that we can quickly go through your requirements and provide equipment financing options for your consideration.  There is no cost or obligation for our initial assessment and quotation services.

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