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Conveyor Equipment Financing


Do You Need To Finance New or Used Conveyor Equipment?

Conveyor System financing programs are provide through institutional and lease financing companies that service warehouse equipment financing requests.

Conveyor equipment is one of the largest capital requirements that many warehouse locations have, depending on the type of product being handled and the requirements of the customer.  These systems can range in value from under $50,000 to amounts topping several million.

The more customized a conveyor equipment requirement is, the more difficult its going to be to finance unless the equipment financing group has a very good idea of where the resale market would exist for the particular application, or how a larger system could be cut down into sub components and sold off in the event of repayment default.

Therefore, size and large dollars are not really the issue when it comes to this type of equipment.  Its more about how reusable any one set up would be to others in the market that will help make a strong case for financing.

The more generic the conveyor set up, the better the rates and repayment terms are going to be.  At the same time, even with a customized project, if the company requiring the financing is well established and is pledging a significant corporate covenant, then good financing options are still likely going to be available to you.

Get Conveyor Equipment Financing That Meets Your Needs

Depending on your taxation situation and cash flow requirements, you may want to consider an conveyor equipment loan or a conveyor equipment lease.

Equipment loans and capital leases operate in a very similar fashion with respect to how they are recorded for accounting purposes and how they are treated as an income tax deduction.  For operating leases, there are a number of options available to structure a lease in a manner to increase repayment and write down or to reduce the cash flow repayment in the near term.

Regardless of your conveyor financing requirements, we recommend that you give us a call right away so that we can quickly assess your needs and provide relevant conveyor equipment or conveyor system financing for your consideration.  We will assist you in putting together a proper application that will be relevant to a target lender so that the information in the application is clearly conveyed, increasing your chances of not only getting approved, but getting the best possible rate and terms available at a given point in time.

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