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Dental Equipment Financing


Do You Need To Finance Dental Equipment Through an Equipment Lease or Loan?

Dental equipment financing is available to Canadian based dental practices for a large variety of equipment.  Here is a small list of some of the more common items that are financed on a regular basis by Canadian equipment financing and leasing companies:

Electric dental chair, hydraulic dental chair, hydraulic press, acryliser, electric craver, dental lathe, plaster dispenser, electro polisher, vacuum mixer, palatial trimmer, arch trimmer, hydraulic dental press, dental polishing equipment, dental cleaning equipment, dental chair, dental ultrasonic scaler, dental lab equipment, dental curing light, adstra imaging software, cart delivery system, dental compressor, cuspidor, vacuum arm system, dental cabinetry, dental cabinets, mobile dental cabinets, dental stool, dent-x 3d imaging, dental instrument washer, dental lighting system, mobile dental clinic, mobile x-ray unit, nitrous oxide dispenser, portable dental equipment, dental operatory equipment, x-ray panoramic, x-ray intraoral, dental practice management software, dental charting software, precision microscope, sterilizer,  air abrasion system, air polisher, amalgamator, amalgam removal system, apex locator, conscious sedation monitoring system, defibrillation, digital x-ray film reader, electrosurgery equipment, hand piece cleaning system, lubrication system, high speed hand piece, low speed hand piece, needle free injector, oxygen resuscitation unit, pulse oximetry, teeth whitening equipment, ultrasonic cleaning unit, dental waste management equipment.

If you are looking to acquire an asset that is not listed above, please give us a call so that we can get it qualified by a lender or leasing company.

Dental equipment financing provides some of the lowest cost borrowing and leasing rates of any equipment offered for sale in  any industry.  This is largely due to the financial stability associated with most dental practices and the very low levels of borrower or lessor default experienced by lenders and leases.

Get Dental Equipment Financing That Meets Your Business Needs

Because the estimated medical industry financing risk is viewed to be very low, financing companies want to lend as much money to dentists and dental practices as possible.  In order to accomplish this, lenders and leasing companies will finance leasehold improvements that would not otherwise be possible in most other industries unless the financing was provided through a government insured equipment financing program.

The benefits to the owners and managers of dental offices are considerable in terms of low interest rates, financing leverage at or near 100% of asset cost, and expanded financing applications such as leaseholds.

Dentistry is one of the few industries where expansion can take place over and over again with very high leverage already in place on the business balance sheet.

If you have a dental equipment financing or leasing need, please give us a call so that we can review your requirements and provide the best options for your consideration.

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