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Equipment Financing Brokers

Equipment Financing Brokers Provide Financing Solutions For Your Business


An equipment financing broker is someone helps business owners locate and secure relevant sources of equipment financing from banks, institutional lenders, and leasing companies.

In order to be effective in providing this type of service, the equipment financing broker must have pre-existing relationships with different sources of equipment loans and equipment leases as well as significant experience qualifying borrower requests so that inquiries for financing can be directed to the most relevant sources of financing.

Further, an equipment finance broker should also have direct access to a diversity of lending and leasing sources so that he or she can cover off a broader spectrum of credit and financial requirements of potential borrowers.

Benefits Of Working With
An Equipment Financing Broker

The first key benefit is saving the time it would take to figure out equipment financing on your own as well as the management of the application and administration process applicable to any given lender.

From an individual business owner’s point of view, where the need for financing is not a regular occurrence, assistance from a equipment financing professional can not only save you time, but will more likely provide you access to the most relevant sources of financing for your financial profile and credit requirements compared to what you may be able to locate on your own.

From a vendor point of view, an equipment financing broker can be an essential resource to provide your customers with financing choices at the time of sale, helping you make the sale and  increase your profitability at the same time.

Equipment Financing Broker Versus
Equipment Financing Company

Financial brokering is all about providing you with relevant choices that can meet your financial needs and fit your credit and financial profile.

Applying directly to an equipment financing company only gives you exposure to one program with no market comparison available.

Like any other financial services market, the equipment financing industry is very competitive with considerable differences at times between offerings from one company to another.

The services of an equipment financing broker will allow you to better take advantage of the best available offer through there unbiased approach to comparing different options for you.

If you have an equipment financing requirement that you would like to discuss, please give us a call so we can quickly assess your needs and provide relevant equipment financing options for your immediate consideration

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