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Exercise Equipment Financing


Are You Trying To Finance New or Used Exercise Equipment?

Exercise Equipment Financing can be secured for a wide range of exercise apparatus by Canadian based spas, gyms, rehab clinics, and fitness centers. To give you a better idea of some of the more common items typically financed by lenders and leasing companies that specialize in exercise equipment, we’re providing you with the following asset list of pre-approved equipment.

Cardio equipment, power rack, lat attachment for power rack, home gym, treadmill, upright bike, hyper extension bench, bowlfex, eliptical, rower, abdominal crunch board, leg extension bench, chin dip station,super squat stands, dip station, hyper extension bench, dumbell, calf machine seated, lat machine, nordic track, leg raise station, free weights, Exercise bikes, sit up bench, ab machine, compact gym, smith machine, recumbent bike, exercise mat, home gym addon, chin dip station, nautilus equipment, free weight, bench attachments, functional trainer, leg curl bench, storage rack, bars.

This isĀ  meant to be an exhaustive list of exercise equipment that can be financed. If you have an asset or group of assets that does not appear on the list above, please give us a call and we’ll find out quickly if we have a lender or leasing company that will lend against it.

Secure an Equipment Financing Loan or Lease That Meets Your Business Needs.

One of the benefits of commercial lease financing is that you can finance small amounts and also consolidate several items into one or more leases. This could apply for both new and used exercise equipment.

For new business start ups, there are both loan and lease options to consider and both will require strong credit profiles from the borrowers as well as personal net worth in excess of the amount of financing requested.

More established businesses will be able to access greater amounts of capital at any one time based on the historical financial performance of the business. But regardless of what you’re current situation is, there is a good chance we will have a financing option for you.

Whether you’re seeking a pre approval for equipment financing, trying to locate equipment financing to close a deal you’ve already arranged, or wanting to refinance a recent purchase via a new loan or sale and lease back to a leasing company, we would welcome the opportunity to work through your requirements and provide relevant financing options for your consideration.

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