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Printing Press Financing


“Does Your Business Need To Finance a Printing Press?”

Printing Press financing is available for all the different types of available printing systems and printing system equipment.  The basis for most forms of equipment financing is the strength and size of the overall industry and resale market the equipment fits into.  Because the printing industry is well established with long life assets, its only logical that equipment loan and leasing companies would be attracted to these types of lending and leasing opportunties.

Equipment financing is available for both new and used printing press equipment.  The challenges with new equipment come with the larger ticket items where the risk associated with larger asset values may need to be shared by borrower, vendor, and financing company.  The challenges with financing used printing presses is the assessment of what will be the costs of dismantling, moving, and reinstalling the assets if the equipment needs to be reclaimed as security in order to pay back the debt.

Get Printing Press Financing That Meets Your Business Needs

Smaller ticket (small amount) items, especially new assets, can be financed at or near 100% financing through government insured financing programs and equipment leasing facilities.

If you identified a printing press you would like to acquire that needs equipment financing to complete the acquisition, give us a call so we can quickly assess your requirements and provide you with financing and leasing options for consideration.

If haven’t yet started the buying process, we recommend that you apply for a printing equipment financing pre-approval so that the financing process can be completed straight away and all your efforts can then be directed towards getting the best possible deal for the target assets.

Even if you’ve recently purchased a printing press for cash, we can still refinance the purchase up to 6 months after the time of final purchase, allowing you to inject the most of the capital outlay back into your cash flow.

Regardless of  what stage you are at in the acquisition process, if you need capital, give us a call so we can provide options that meet your requirements.  There can be several different printing press financing strategies for a given scenario.  Our goal is to help fit you into a program that will meet both your tax planning and cash flow requirements.

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