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Forklift Equipment Leasing


Do You Need to Secure a Lease For a New or Used Forklift?

Forklift lease financing is available from Canadian based financing and leasing companies for the following types and makes of both new and used forklift equipment.

Two stage diesel forklift, three stage lp gas forklift, forklift with three way hydraulics,  three stage electric forklift, two stage lp gas forklift, two stage electric forklift, electric forklift, gas forklift, diesel forklift, sit down three wheel forklift, sit down four wheel forklift, pneumatic three wheel forklift, pneumatic four wheel forklift, narrow isle reach forklift, narrow isle double reach forklift, stand up countered balanced forklift, stock picker, pallet truck, walkie stacker, propane forklift, telescopic mast forklift, quad mast fork lift.

Caterpillar forklift, Clark fork lift, Crown forklift, Daewoo forklift, Dockstocker fork lift, Drexel forklift, Elwell fork lift, Genie man lift, Grove man lift, Hoist forklift, Hyster forklift, JLG man lift, Kalmar forklift, Komatsu fork lift, Lift Dynamics forklift, Linde fork lift, MEC man lift, Mitsubishi forklift, Prime Mover fork lift, Raymond forklift, Royal fork lift, Sellick forklift, Skyjack man lift, Snorkel man lift, Taylor forklift, TCM fork lift, Terex man lift, Toyota forklift, Upright man lift, Wiggins forklift

Forklift equipment financing is very popular among most Canadian leasing companies due to the long useful life of the assets and the fact that its relatively easy to sell a unit into the used market if required.

Get a Equipment Lease or Loan Financing That Meets Your Business Needs.

Because leasing companies actually lease the units they finance on your behalf, they have to understand how to liquidate the asset if it’s returned at the end of an operating lease or if there is lessor default in which case the asset would have to be returned to the leasing company.

For highly commoditized equipment like forklifts that can be used in all sorts of industry applications, the used forklift equipment market provides equipment financing companies with the opportunity to provide great rates and terms for both new and used units due to their high perceived security value.

Used equipment purchases may carry slightly higher rates, but when you consider that most forklift lease approvals are at or near 100% of the purchasing costs, the high financial leverage usually more than makes up for a slightly higher cost of financing.

If you are trying to locate and secure warehouse equipment financing for new or used forklift equipment for your Canadian business, please give us a call so that we can quickly review your requirements and provide you with lease and loan financing options to consider.

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