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Livestock Equipment Financing


Does Your Business Need To Finance New or Used Livestock Equipment?

Livestock equipment financing can be obtained from stalls and trailers to watering and feeding systems.

To give you an even better idea of the types of livestock related equipment that is already pre-approved for financing with various lenders and leasing companies, here is a list of some of the more common assets in this category that get financed on a regular basis.

Hydraulic squeeze chute, double header calf table, Beef cattle handling equipment, swine handling equipment, livestock penning, panel access squeeze chute, crowding tub, poultry handling equipment, portable handling system, feeding equipment, cattle feeder, calving enclosure, Texas shed, Livestock handling equipment, Squeeze chute, maternity pen, palpitation cage, dairy cattle handling equipment, loading chute, horse stall, calving trimming chute, cattle guard, bison handling equipment, shoulder holder, waterers, water tank, round pen.

If you’re looking at livestock equipment that isn’t on this list, please give us a call and we will quickly determine if its something that our lender partners will look at financing.

Get Livestock Equipment Financing That Meets Your Business Needs

Used livestock equipment can be financed, but may require a larger down payment than a new purchase with slightly higher rates and shorter terms. That being said, used equipment financing amounts and terms depend a lot on the particular asset and the amount of useful life that remains. So in some cases, the rates and terms can be very similar to a new asset purchase of the same type of livestock equipment.

If you haven’t picked out the asset you plan to acquire yet, give us a call so we can get you qualified for a pre-approved loan or lease. This will make the purchasing process go that much faster with the equipment financing application process out of the way and will also provide you with the amount of financing available to you and the related rate and terms.

If you’ve recently purchased an asset, we can get it refinanced up to 6 months post purchase, allowing you to put the cash from the purchase back into the business cash flow.

Regardless of your farm livestock equipment financing need or where you’re at in the purchasing process, give us a call so we can quickly assess your requirements and provide you with relevant livestock equipment financing options to consider.

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