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Millwork Equipment Financing

“Millwork Equipment Financing Options”


Millwork equipment financing options are available through our network of equipment financing and equipment leasing providers.

We provide commercial equipment financing solutions for the purchase and refinancing of both new and used millwork equipment.

For equipment purchases, both direct and private seller scenarios can be accommodated.  There is a bit more work and time involved with a private sale as title searches and wavers need to be performed, but it is still possible to get completed within a reasonable period of time.

With used equipment, the equipment financing process will depend on the remaining useful life left in the assets as well as their condition and general resale strength in the market place.

The refinancing of existing equipment is also possible, both for expansion capital and for financing of businesses that are looking to support cash flow during period of financial distress.

Millwork Equipment Financing Proposals Will Vary With Financial And Credit Profiles

While millwork assets are viewed to be good items of equipment for the purpose of lender or leasing company security, the strength of lender or lease company options will depend on the financial and credit profiles of the business and business owners.

Strong financial and credit profiles can attract very good rates and terms for this type of asset.

And if there are additional costs related to acquisition such as transportation, setup, and training, these costs can also potentially be financed at or near 100% of the actual cost, providing a very high level of leverage to the business.

If you are looking to purchase used equipment, the first step would be to send us an itemized list of the assets so we can prequalify them in our equipment financing network.  This information should include year, make,  model, condition, and estimate of value.  Pictures of the assets would also be helpful to provide a lender or leasing company with a better idea of the millwork equipment in question.

For more information on millwork equipment financing or to get a free quotation, please give us a call and we’ll get all your questions answered right away.

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