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Packaging Equipment Financing

cef.clickhereblue7Do You Need Financing For Packaging Equipment?

Packaging Equipment Financing is available to Canadian business owners and managers for a wide assortment of packaging and warehouse equipment including but not limited to : combination weigher, linear scale , gravity scale, servo auger filler, volumetric filler, piston fillers, baggers, inspection systems, vacuum packaging, case-erector, case sealer, Bag Insertion System, automatic cash packer, semi-automatic case packer, automatic baler, wicketted bagging and sealing system, hot air sealer, filling machines, capping machines, labeling machines, marking equipment, coding equipment, sleeving machine, shrink tunnel, shrink wrap equipment, steam tunnel, material handling equipment, unscramble, conveyor, turntable, stretch wrapper, sealer, induction sealer, washer, Rinser, gummed tape dispenser.

Because of the diverse amount of materials requiring both packaging and packaging in different forms, there is an enormous amount of equipment that is available today to specific uses. So if you have a piece of equipment that’s not on the above list, it still may be something that can be financed, so please give us a call and we’ll run it by our list of lenders and leasing companies.

Basically, any type of equipment can potentially be financed, but the more customized and unique the asset, the more additional security will likely be required by the lender or leasing company.

Get an Equipment Loan or Lease That Meets Your Business Needs.

Commodity based assets that have an established resale market for new and used packaging equipment will be much easier to finance with better rates and terms than custom items due to the fact that the equipment financing company will understand how to liquidate the equipment if they are required to do so.

Packaging equipment items may be acquired under operating or capital leases, depending on financing programs provided by the lenders and lessors that the equipment and business would qualify for. Under an operating lease, the borrower or lessee can return the equipment at the end of the lease term to the lender or lessor without any further obligations. With a capital lease, the lessee is required to purchase the asset at the end of the lease term according to a predetermined price or pricing formula.

If you have a packaging equipment financing requirement for your business, I suggest that you give us a call so that we can quickly assess your requirements and provide you with the most relevant equipment financing options for your consideration.

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