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Telephone Equipment Financing


Do You Need To Finance New Or Used Telephone or Telecom Equipment?

Telephone equipment financing and telecom system financing is becoming more and more popular with equipment financing and leasing companies.

There are a number of reasons for this.

First, larger telephone equipment financing is typically requested from larger companies and therefore there is a stronger base for commercial equipment financing repayment.  So while the actual asset doesn’t offer a great deal of security value to a lender or leasing company,  the overall size and stability of the company requesting the financing does.

Second, for smaller companies, the requests are again proportional to size.  Therefore financing can be approved mostly on credit and time in business as much as anything else, especially when the amount requested is under $25,000.

Third, because telephone equipment needs to be upgraded on a semi regular basis, this also creates new business for equipment financing companies in the future.  And by providing telephone and telecom financing, it may also open the doors for financing other types of assets as well.

Fourth, every business requires telephones and many require telephone systems, so there is a large market to service.

Get Telephone Equipment Financing That Meets Your Needs

The starting point for getting telephone equipment financing is $1,500 with no upper limit.

If you have a purchase scoped out that requires financing, give us a call so we can quickly assess your requirements and provide equipment financing options for your consideration.

For purchases under $25,000,  equipment financing can be arranged is less than 24 hours and funded in a couple of days.  Larger sized transactions can take 1 to 5 business days to get processed.

If you haven’t started shopping for equipment just yet, then you may want to consider applying for an equipment financing pre-approval so you can get the financing process out of the way and be clear on what amount you can get financed as well as the terms of repayment.

Or if you have any questions about different financing options related to telephone or telecom equipment, please call us any time and we’ll make sure that all of your questions get answered as quickly as possible.

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