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Digital Xray Equipment Financing


Do You Need To Finance New Or Used Digital Xray Equipment Through an Equipment Loan Or Lease?

Digital Xray equipment financing has become more and more common as medical practitioners move to new technology and require  Canadian equipment financing to accomplish the capital upgrade in many cases.

The digital xray equipment is rapidly replacing conventional technology and all the chemicals and higher radiation levels that when with them.

Because digital xray equipment financing is typically requested by some form of medical center, an applicant is likely going to be able to qualify for most of the medical equipment financing programs out there related to this type of asset.

One potentially significant advantage with some programs is whether the applicant is actually a medical doctor versus a licensed technician or some other form of medical services provider.  Doctor status can provide more equipment financing options including lower lost of financing and more choices with respect to terms and buyouts in the case of equipment leases.

Depending on the age of the digital xray equipment, it may also be possible to get equipment financing for used equipment provided its also in good condition.  Because technology changes so quickly, its a bit harder to get used equipment financing for longer terms.  But even shorter loan or lease terms can provide considerable financing and preserve the available cash flow.

Get Digital Xray Equipment Financing That Meets Your Business Needs

Because the majority of digital xray equipment is going to be purchased from “A” credit applicants, both loan and lease financing options can be obtained.  When credit is strained for some reason, there can still be financing options to choose from, but they are likely going to come from equipment leasing companies as equipment loans issued by banks and institutional lenders are typically only available to “A” credit applications.

Regardless of credit status, an equipment leasing arrangement may still be the preferred choice of financing due to the many options that are available in structuring terms and buyouts.  And its also not uncommon for digital xray equipment financing from a leasing company to exceed 100% of the acquisition costs as items such as delivery, installation, and training can also potentially be financed into the deal.

If you require a financing quote or more information about equipment financing for your business, give us a call and we’ll make sure your questions get answered right away.

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