Equipment Financing For Pallet Jacks and Other Lifting Equipment


Do You Need to Finance Material Lifting Equipment?

Lifting equipment financing is available for all types of lifts, jacks, and material moving equipment as well as the related support equipment and accessories.

While this is in no way meant to be a complete listing of all types of lift equipment that can be financed through loan or lease, here are some of the more common items that are regularly financed by Canadian equipment financing companies.

Econo pallet jack, bishamon pallet jack, wire deck, pallet rack, forklift extensions, pallet truck, ergo lift, ergonomic lift, straddle stacker, hand pallet truck, sky jack, hand truck, platform truck, electric pallet jack, used pallet jack, steel pallet jack, low profile pallet jack, corrosion resistant pallet jack, scale pallet jack, four way pallet jack, skid lift pallet jack, outdoor pallet jack, lift and tilt pallet jack, drum pallet jack.

Lease financing starts at $1,500, but smaller items can be purchased together and put into one equipment leasing facility.

Regardless of what type of pallet jack or other form of material lifting equipment you’re interested in, there is a good chance we have an equipment financing solution for your business.

For used lifting equipment, financing can still be available, although the rates and terms may be slightly higher than for new equipment.  Regardless of whether you’re buying new or used, one of the best buying strategies is to get a leasing pre-approval for the amount of money you want to spend and the type of lifting equipment you’re looking for.

With an approval in hand, you can now bid more aggressively at equipment auctions or place strong offers with vendors knowing that the capital is readily available, and if your bid or offer is accepted, the deal can be closed quickly, allowing you to take advantage of the best available pricing.

Get an Equipment Financing Solution That Meets Your Business Needs.

Even if you make a cash purchase of warehouse related lift equipment, companies will buy the equipment from you up to 6 months after your cash purchase, allowing you to put the money used back into use in your business.

If you’re looking to finance the purchase of  pallet or other material lifting equipment, please give us a call so that we can quickly assess your situation and provide relevant equipment financing and leasing options for your consideration.

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